Past Travel


1997-1998    Sabbatical leave in Boulder, Colorado

2000--Spring Break--St. Martin

2001--Spring Break--Bonaire

2001--Late Summer--Nova Scotia


2002--Spring Break--Littleton, Colorado:  at Julie and Brian's to see our new grandsons

2002--Early summer--Schoodic Lake, Maine and Nova Scotia:  visiting Fran and Dave Lewis

2002--Late Summer--Colorado:  Visiting Julie and Brian and grandsons and Tucson for the Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting

2002--Christmas--Colorado: To visit our Julie and Brian and grandsons

2003--First Part of January--San Francisco Bay Area:  Visit father, brother/sister, and son/significant other

2003--Mid-January--New Zealand and Australia:  sabbatical leave in New Zealand, travel in Australia

2004--Spring Break--Windsurfing and snorkeling in Bonaire

2004--Summer--Lunenberg Folk Festival, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

2004--October--Trip to Colorado to see grand sons

2005--June/July--Two week float trip down the Grand Canyon, California and Colorado to see relatives and grand kids

2005--December--Travel to Colorado for cross-country skiing and visit with grandkids

2006--January--Travel to California to see relatives, granddaughter and to attend MacWorld 2006

2006-March--Travel to Bonaire for Windsurfing and snorkeling. Blew ACL on the third day of windsurfing

2006-May--Travel to Colorado to seen grandkids and for some biking in Avon, Colorado, plus the Bolder Boulder

2006-October--Three week tour of Tuscany, Venice and London

2006--December--Travel to Colorado for Christmas

2007-January--Travel to San Francisco for visits with family and with son, wife and grand daughter Sadie

2007-March--Travel to Iceland and Paris for spring break

2007-June--Travel to Colorado and then trip with grandsons to California for father's 90th birthday party

2008-January--Travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to visit NH friends in their time share

2008-January--Travel to Brazil for nephew's wedding in Nova Odessa, with side trips to Iguasu Falls, Isla Grande, and Rio de Janerio

2008-February--Travel to California for memorial service for younger brother

2008--May/June--Travel to Colorado to visit with family

2009--September to December--Mentor to Plymouth State lst year abroad program, Limerick, Ireland

2012--Travel St. Maarten for a week at the beach

2012--June-Travel to California for father's 95th birthday

2012-13--Colorado and California for Christmas

2013--June--Travel to California to visit with relatives (Monterey, Red Bluff, Berkeley)

2013-First week of August--Travel to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for the Folk Harbour Music Festival

2013-Last week of August--Timeshare in the Berkshires